Are you satisfied with your present life? Or are you looking for another way of life?
ISIS TEMPLE LTD provides you ancient Egyptian origin healings, goods, and activities in the theme of "Love", "Abundance", "Joy".

Mother Gaia Celebration Healing
Mother Gaia Celebration Healing by Temple Goddess.
This is the healing of love and celebration from Mother Gaia, and was handed down by Goddess ISIS, who deeply believed in Ancient Egypt.
The healing energy approaches your secret traumas, and deeply heals you from your soul. It awakens your true gifts. You can live your life filled with love and joy, with hope.
*I couldn’t stop crying because I felt totally filled with something I’ve never had before.
*It was like I returned to my soul’s home, I felt nostalgia and I got healed.
*I was so sleepy during the session as it were like I was in the womb of Mother Gaia. It was so comfortable and felt bliss.
*I felt the holy energy and this healing cleansed up the negative energy. It strengthened the connection of myself and my spirit.
Healing staffs: Temple Goddess
They are healing, aroma and herb professionals. The ladies deeply connect to Mother Gaia’s energy.
Time: 60 min.
More than 4 certified healers of Temple Goddess do this session.
This is a group session, but we accept the reservation from 1 person.
We recommend you to come and receive this session with your friends and family so that you can receive more healing energy by a multiplier effect.
CHARGE: Yen 37,800.- / per person
*Special discount for the person together with a family or a friend: Yen◆◆.- / per person
*Special discount for a student and under 22 years old: Yen◆◆.- / per person
*Special discount for a preschool child: Yen◆◆.- / per person
PLACE: Academy of Life Hatagaya Seminar Room
ADDRESS: 2-19-7 Hatagaya Shibuya-Ku TOKYO Flos Bldg. 3rd Floor, 〒151-0072
This healing service is available in the session rooms near Tokyo.
We can travel to your place if there are several participants.
Please contact to:
Check the schedule calendar for the date.