Are you satisfied with your present life? Or are you looking for another way of life?
ISIS TEMPLE LTD provides you ancient Egyptian origin healings, goods, and activities in the theme of "Love", "Abundance", "Joy".

Welcome to ISIS TEMPLE Website!
Ancient Egypt, the world’s earliest civilization, is said to have created prosperous society filled with love and abundance lasted several thousand years by the wisdom and the power of ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.
ISIS TEMPLE LTD. missions:
*To create a society that each person uses his/her gift and talent and lives a passionate and pleasant life
*To manifest divine unity between masculinity and femininity by healing and awakening
*To create the world which all humans can unite as one and become one family by hearts, beyond any boarder.
ISIS TEMPLE LTD. provides various healing session services and activities and Egyptian ceremony. Not only Japan but also all over the world our services spread. We have already reached to Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Ireland, and the Philippines.
We are looking forward to see you at the real ISIS TEMPLE in Hatagaya.
Maki Otani, the President
Profile of Maki Otani, the President
Her birthplace is Kawasaki city, Kanagawa. She had been a document control manager at an engineering company for 10 years and a secretary at a gene laboratory for 3 years. While being a manager and secretary, she continued self-exploring, meditation, Chido, and studying spirituality. After she finished a secretary job, she chose a path of spirituality. Now her center is in Tokyo but she goes all over the world to do various seminars and activities and support many people. The countries she has visited are the US, Canada, the Philippines, Ireland, the UK, Egypt, South Africa and more.
Company Profile
Company Name: ISIS TEMPLE, LTD.
Product selling, seminars, lectures, healing sessions
404 Citycoat Sakuraoka Bldg. 23-17 Sakuraoka-cho Shibuya-ku Tokyo, JAPAN, Zip code: 150-0031
TEL +81-3-6869-0783
FAX +81-3-6893-3931
Foundation: February, 2013
President: Maki Otani
Terms of payment: T/T for products, cash for healing sessions
(The bank transfer fee and freight fee will be separately charged.)
Return: We don’t accept any return on seminars or sessions.
You can return the goods if they are defective. Contact us within 10 days after the arrival, and return the goods as C.O.D. We will send the replacement goods after the defective goods are returned.
About lecture
ISIS TEMPLE LTD. delivers a lecture for an organization as one of the activities. Use the inquiry form for a contact.
The lecture theme examples:
LOVE: The difference of man and woman, True love…
The Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses: The myth of the ancient Egyptian world…
Modern parenting: How to raise the Indigo Children
For interview and inquiry, use the contact form

ISIS TEMPLE LTD. supports Purple Ribbon Activity.
Purple Ribbon Activity is the movement to stop violence toward women.
Domestic Violence counselling room for female
The basic principles of Purple Ribbon
1. Violence is just a pattern that people have learnt in their lives. No one is violent from birth.
2. Violence spreads when people bear.
3. If the people who are not acceptable for violence increase, we can decrease violence more.
4. The Purple Ribbon Project aims for creating a society that people can live safely without a fear of violence.
ISIS TEMPLE LTD. sells Purple Ribbon at yen100.- / 1 product.
All the profits are donated to Purple Ribbon Project.
1. We donated yen100,000.- to the related places of Purple Ribbon Project in January, 2010. We appreciate your warm cooperation.
2. We donated yen149,885.- to the related places of Purple Ribbon Project in August 26, 2011. We appreciate your warm cooperation.