Are you satisfied with your present life? Or are you looking for another way of life?
ISIS TEMPLE LTD provides you ancient Egyptian origin healings, goods, and activities in the theme of "Love", "Abundance", "Joy".

Mummy Healing
Mummy Healing ~Egyptian Rebirth Healing~ by Priest & Priestess Council
This is a strong healing handed down by Goddess ISIS for the strong need in the current era. “Death and rebirth” is the specialized genre of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. This healing deals with the great energy of death and rebirth, and makes you let go of your old self and return to your godly original self. It is like the holy ISIS Temple is done for you! You will receive huge energy and transform. You will pass through the world of death and get out of the old coffin which you locked in, and receiving the blessings from RA Family, you will rebirth to the world of LIFE as the original self which is united with your blueprint. You will start to live your life as your original pure self of when you made a contract with God, as a god/goddess on earth.
Healers: Priest & Priestess Council
Time: 60 min.
Charge: Yen37,800.- / per person
Place: Academy of Life (MMS Hatagaya Seminar Room)
ADDRESS: 2-19-7 Hatagaya Shibuya-Ku TOKYO Flos Bldg. 3rd Floor, 〒151-0072
*This healing service is available in the session rooms near Tokyo.
We can travel to your place if there are several participants.
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