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ISIS TEMPLE LTD provides you ancient Egyptian origin healings, goods, and activities in the theme of "Love", "Abundance", "Joy".

Temple of the RA Family!

Let's spread love and light to the world
with Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses!
This is the sacred ritual calling upon Egyptian Sun God RA and his family Egyptian Gods and Goddesses!
Temple of the RA Family will be held on November 14, 2014, and this is the 3rd time to do the ritual.
About 6000 years ago, Egypt had prospered so much by the wisdoms and blessings received from Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. People had been deeply grateful to them, enshrined them in the holy temples, and worshiped Sun God RA and his family Gods and Goddesses.
Now, in our time, time has changed into the New Paradigm and the Paradigm Shift is accelerating. In order to create the new era, we need the wisdoms and blessings of the Egyptian Sun God RA and his family Egyptian Gods and Goddesses more than ever before.
“Temple of The RA Family” is the temple for Sun God RA and his family, and we conduct a ritual for spreading love and light to the world in this temple with our deep gratitude, under the blessings of Gods and Goddesses of RA Family.
Most of the temples are held only by Ritual Masters, but “Temple of the RA Family” is open for anyone. Please join us on this one of few occasions and let’s spread love and light to the world together!
DATE May 8, 2015 (Fri.) 19:00-22:00 (Open 18:30)
PLACE Academy of Life Hatagaya Seminar Room
ADDRESS: 2-19-7 Hatagaya Shibuya-Ku TOKYO Flos Bldg. 3rd Floor, 〒151-0072
CHARGE Yen3,240.-
Facilitators Maki Otani (Editor-at-large, ISIS Temple High Priestess),
ISIS Temple Priest/Priestess Counsel, Temple Goddess Counsel
*Please come to the temple in casual clothing
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