Are you satisfied with your present life? Or are you looking for another way of life?
ISIS TEMPLE LTD provides you ancient Egyptian origin healings, goods, and activities in the theme of "Love", "Abundance", "Joy".

Magical Salt

Specially trained staffs make magical Salt of ISIS TEMPLE, using high quality materials abundantly and putting the energy of ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.
Each Magical Salt has theme.
Choose what you feel fitted.

The basis to be alive and enjoy life is to remove unnecessary things and keep our energy clean.
In order to exert your true power fully, Cleansing is the one that you can get first.
We have something unexpected when we are in turning points in our lives or in transition of our life cycles, like when something bad happens at work or when you have been in bad condition.
Also when you go to a ceremonial occasion, a crowded place, or a lower vibrational place, or you feel something changed, use Cleansing and get back to your true self.
*Cleansing is good to use when:
you need to have energy maintenance or remove old energy.
you feel tired, want to refresh.
after you do a healing session or a therapy.
you attend a meeting or a business meeting.
you move home, or on your birthday, separation, ceremonial occasions.
you are standing the turning point of your life.
Ultimate healing for you.
You receive sacred support from universe, and filled with love that embraces everything.
You feel deeply relaxed and healed, and reborn to be purer self.
When you are sad. The energy of "Mother" embraces you and heals your heart, then sadness is released and you are healed.
Receive the support from Mother Earth.
*Healing is good to use when:
you feel down.
you feel sad.
you feel life is tough to live.
you are brokenhearted.
Devotion supports you to accept yourself as a sacred being and to take an action with deep love and courage.
Devosion is good for meditation to take a balance in physical and mental state.
What do I really want to do? Do I help others?
These questions come up when you grow up.
All people have a desire to help others.
*Devotion is good to use when:
you realize your life purpose and want to progress it firmly.
you want to follow your heart and take an action confidently.
you want to focus on your life purpose, not on everyday matters.
you realize your own egos stick you.
you want to follow your inner god/goddess.
Passion fuels you to have a passionate flame inside for your abundant creation, so that you, the only one person on earth, can have more fulfilled life.
We want to live a life cheerfully and energetically everyday, but there are ups and downs in our lives.
For those who want to live more powerfully and energetically, Passion is the best.
*Passion is good to use when:
you seek what you want to do, or you want to expand what you do.
you want your dream to come true.
you want to love your partner deeper.
you want to develop your appeal, to attract a person.
you go to a date, drinking, and matchmaking party.
you spend time with your boyfrind/girlfriend.
you seek a way out of a rut.
Get back your inner holiness.
It will be a tremendous joy to feel God/Goddess's vibration and connect to your inner God/Goddess.
Holiness opens your spirituality and heighten your psychic ability.
Especially for healers, channellers, or therapists.
*Holiness is good to use when:
you want to connect to God and/or Universe.
you want to become one with your inner God/Goddess and/or higher-self.
you want to connect to your inner holiness.
you think too much and no solution comes.
you confirm your spiritual gift.
you get a period.
you want to love yourself.
[Against Evil]
Against Evil not only cleanses your energy, but also wards off the evil energy.
With the power of love and light, Against Evil wards off the evil and protects you.
Against Evil removes negative energy or taints attached to your aura.
You may have an experience that you get tired in a crowd.
That is because the rough vibration in a crowded place affects you.
This affects your aura that covers outside of your physical body.
As a result, your aura activity dulls, and you come to feel tired, or irritated.
Against Evil removes the negative energy attached to your aura, and restores to its original state.
You feel safe again because your energy returns to its original state.
*Against Evil is for those who:
tend to get tired in a crowd.
go to travel, or go on a business trip.
have an important business meeting.
want to improve your relationship.
Abundance brings you the physical and spiritual abundance that you need in your life.
Find out the abundance around you and take it in your life, and flow the abundant energy to the people around you.
In order to live an abundant life, Abundance helps you find the abundance around you, which is not only form of money but in any form, and you will find your abundance with gratitude.
Abundance also brings you the realization and releases your block on abundance, and brings you the change to receive abundance. Money is the result of your inner change.
*Abundance is for those who:
want to receive abundance.
want to have a better relationship.
engage in a creative job.
want to create a good new thing.
[Mother Special]
This is the special salt that is made only once, on the theme of what energy is needed for human at the moment.
The theme changes each time. In a limited quantity and time, we sell each Mother Special.
*Mother Special is for those who:
want to get ahead of the times.
want to follow the flow of the earth or the heaven.
want to grow spiritually.

Abundance, Mother Special
Yen2,500.-(w/o tax)/150grams
Yen5,000.-(w/o tax)/350grams
Cleansing, Healing, Devotion, Passion, Holiness, Against Evil
150g 2,000円、 350g 4,000円、 700g 8,000円
Yen2,000.-(w/o tax)/150grams
Yen4,000.-(w/o tax)/350grams
Yen8,000.-(w/o tax)/700grams

[How to use]
Put it at both ends of entrance or four corners in a room, or bath or footbath.